Here is a selection of feedback about Elle and Bubblegum Dance which we’ve received from dancers, parents, and businesses.

Elle Lindsay is an exceptionally talented dancer, teacher and choreographer. Children respond extremely well to her innovative teaching, adults warm to her instantly… she is truly a committed professional who lives for dance.

Kathy Miller

Not only is Elle a great dancer, she is also bright, bubbly and full of fun. Her welcoming and inclusive personality immediately puts you at ease and helps build confidence at all levels, giving everyone in her classes the chance to grow and shine in their own way. She always encourages her pupils, no matter what standard they are, and is therefore able to communicate effectively with everyone from children to adults, complete beginners to advanced/professionals.

Jade Fletcher, Croydon

Bubblegum Dance classes are fun, the teachers are bubbly and full of energy and enthusiasm, the style is new and current, and we love it!

Olivia, Croydon

My daughter loves being involved in the endless dance activities with Bubblegum every year. Competitions, performances, make-up and lighting – live performances really help build her confidence!

Sandra, Croydon

Bubblegum Dance rocks! The choreography and style is great, I love the music.

Anonymous student

I have been involved in various projects over the past five years that Elle-Aimee has put together and been involved in. I have been very impressed with her professional attitude, determination and stamina. I have watched her build her business up from nothing and gain the respect of students, parents and tutors alike. She is an inspiration to us all.

Adrian Aires
Scream Studios

Leopard Films have just been commissioned by Channel 4 to make a film about the Big Dance 2012. Jasmine and Alex at Random Dance Company have both suggested that Bubblegum would be a wonderful group to focus on, which I hope you would be happy with? I will be working closely with director Mat Tucker, alongside another second unit director and an assistant producer, and we’d plan to film your weekend hub rehearsals, alongside any additional rehearsals that you may have during the week.

Kate Church
Leopard Films