Street Dance Classes

A dancer jumping in the foreground with a street dance lesson taking place in the background.Do your kids want to dance like Diversity, or recreate the moves they’ve seen on MTV? Street dance classes in Croydon from Bubblegum Dance will be right up their street! We run lessons in multiple locations in the Croydon area, tailoring the content of each class to suit dancers across a range of ages. Our street dance classes are lots of fun, very sociable, great exercise, and ideal for beginners and experienced dancers alike.

About Bubblegum Dance

We are a Croydon street dance company. Our experienced and qualified team of dance teachers lead classes in the latest styles and techniques. If Diversity and Step Up have inspired your kids to want to learn street dance, our lessons are fun for them and affordable for you. We also run exams and competitions, and offer performance opportunities for enthusiastic and talented young dancers.

Our street dance classes in Croydon

Bubblegum Dance run street dance classes in Croydon, suitable for a range of age groups – from kids to young adults. In our fun and active classes you will learn NU Skool Hip Hop, the style of commercial street dance seen in the latest music videos. Most routines are performed to commercial RnB and Hip Hop tunes. In our lessons you’ll learn a range of styles of street dance choreography; some routines will be ‘smooth’ and some will be ‘ghetto,’ in response to the feel of the music.

Four young dancers at one of our street dance classes in Croydon.Elle-Aimee’s street dance lessons in Croydon will use elements and flava from other urban dance styles. You will have the opportunity to learn Popping, Locking, Jazz Funk, Krumping, Clowning and Wacking. Classes also look at Dancehall and African Dance.

Our NEW street class will take place at scream studios from 3 September and is just the right level of fun and challenge for all abilities, younger and older children.

From 3 September 2016!

Scream studios
20a Southend
Cr0 1dn

11:30-12:30 Saturday’s

£5 per child
£4 per child (Siblings)

There is a car park located directly across the road for your convenience.

Photo Gallery

We held a photoshoot at one of our hip hop dance classes in Croydon. Take a look at some of our dancers in action!

A group photo with 16 dancers from one of our street dance classes in Croydon. A girl from Bubblegum Dance posing. Five girls dancing and posing at one of our street dance lessons in Croydon. Two of the dancers from Bubblegum Dance in Croydon, striking a pose and smiling. Two Croydon street dancers standing back to back. One of our street dancers throwing a shape! Two of our dancers posing with their hands. Five dancers from Bubblegum Dance in Croydon posing for the camera! One of our street dancers jumping in the air. Five dancers from Bubblegum Dance in Croydon. A girl from Bubblegum Dance in Croydon posing with her hand out.